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Rylie Karberg


Born and raised in AZ, Rylie found her way to cosmetology school at the young age of 22. Discovering a love for hair that only her family and pets can compete with, she has dedicated herself to a career of learning and sharing with her guests. At the core of her passion is helping her clients feel both more beautiful and confident through the simple act of loving their hair. Focusing on brunettes, lived-in blondes and extensions, Rylie can transform your whole look or enhance the natural beauty you already possess. When not in the salon, Rylie can be found dipping a doughnut into a latte while reading either a romance novel or a suspenseful thriller with her pup in her lap.

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Color Services

All services include a blowout and styling.

Base Color


Single process color.

Base & Pull-Through


Base Color plus color pulled through the ends.

Partial Highlight


Custom placed foils to add brightness and dimension.

Full Highlight


Custom placed foils throughout entire head to add brightness and dimension.

Extension Services

2-3 Row Full Move Up


6-8 week maintenance.

2-3 Row Mini Move Up


4 week maintenance.

New Extension Install

Pricing determined by in-person consultation.

Extension Wash
& Blowout

1 row - $75
2 rows - $100
3 rows - $125




Blowout & Style


*pricing may vary due to the unique needs of each client

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